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Charlie – Capacity up to 9.000 products/hour*

The Charlie folding machine is a compact version of our Hercules folder. The machine is smaller both physically and in terms of capacity but has the added flexibility of being retool-able to new products, within a pre specified size range.

The Charlie folding machine comes as standard with one set of tools. The combi tool will produce the 4 shown products (Two fold, four fold, star & diamond) in the chosen size. Optionally, the machine can be delivered with other types of tools e.g. Pinwheel or Turnover products.

The development of the Charlie is the result of the bakers’ desire to automate the process, of hand folding dough products, increase productivity and overall efficiency, whilst maintaining established quality standards.

The Charlie folding machine is equipped to serve product volumes of 3.000-9.000 products per hour and the flexibility to switch quickly between products, in an industrial environment.

Two fold, four fold, star & diamond

Dough square size:  75 x 75, 100 x 100, 125 x 125 or 150 x 150


Technical Features:

  • The height of the discharge conveyor is adjustable to fit the subsequent conveyor.
  • The control panel and the switchboard are integrated into the machinery.
  • The machine includes a Mitsubishi programmable logic control ( PLC )
  • Includes an electrical connection for any line equipment installed on the inlet end of the machine.
  • The electrical interface includes start & stop and an outputsignal indicating the current speed.
  • The discharge conveyor mounted on the machine is made with round-belt conveyor systems.

Capacity* – products per hour

Tool size

Sheet width

500 mm

750 mm

75 x 75 mm tool



100 x 100 mm tool



125 x 125 mm tool



150 x 150 mm tool



* Higher capacity available on wider dough sheet


The Charlie unit has two connections for depositors, so that inside filling can be applied before folding and top filling can be applied after folding onto the final product.

FORM & FRYS has the depositing machine, which matches exactly the needs of our Charlie machine.

Our pneumatic piston depositors can be used for both inside filling and top filling.

Technical nozzle features like a shutoff system, wire cutter, moving nozzles etc. are available for the piston filler.


Machine Data:


  • Working height: adjustable 900-1000 mm.
  • Machine length: total length of 2800 mm.
  • Dough sheet width: 540 mm.
  • Capacity:  4-8000 per hour.
  • Number of rows: 4 - 6
  • Dough square size: 75, 100 & 125 mm.
  • All products folded as edge-to-edge, no overlap
  • Power: 16 amp/ (3 phase 400 volt  / 50 Hz)
  • Motor Protection class : IP54
  • Control comp: Lenze inverters, Mitsubishi plc
  • Air: 180 liter/ minute
  • Working pressure:  6-8 bar
  • Water: 0,25 liter / min
  • Foot print size: 2800 x 1310 mm
  • Machine weight:  600 kg

Cleaning: The machine is wet cleaned, using a high pressure cleaner. The spray nozzles mounted underneath the machine assist in the cleaning. The machine also includes an air wipe system, for dry cleaning during production.

Materials: The machine is produced predominantly in stainless steel, evoprene and POM also called Delrin (polyoxymethylene) All parts in direct contact with the product are produced in food-approved materials.


Piston filling unit data:


  • 6 rows machine, slim line design.
  • Volume: 8- 35 grams
  • Air: 350 liter/minute,  6-8 bar
  • Control voltage: 24 volt  Dc.

Form & Frys´s innovative ideas and robust, well-built machines introduces new products into your product range or automate existing hand folded products.                                                               

Form & Frys´s machine program for high-speed production of quality pastry products, covers automatic machines for traditional four or two folded products as mentioned and also special products like, dumplings, twists, turnovers, pinwheel, etc.

Reliable and easy operations are given top-priority and all machines are as a natural consequence of this made as simple as possible.

Cretan Pie automation
Topfentasche via Charlie
Fruit taschen automation
Form&Frys Danish Pastry automation via Charlie
CHARLIE Danish crown
CHARLIE Danish crown
CHARLIE Complete line setup
CHARLIE Complete line setup
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