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Piston filler

The Form & Frys piston filling machine designed to compliment the Form & Frys Charlie folding machine, is an inexpensive, flexible depositor for inside or outside fillings.

In addition to working together with a Form & Frys folding machine, the unit can be used as a stand-alone unit on the make up table or interfaced with your existing equipment.

Working description

  • Fill the 50 litre hopper on the machine.
  • The filling will be led into the pump house chambers
  • Twin air cylinders activate the pistons, moving them forward which, in turn, ejects the filling through the nozzles.
  • The air cylinders then return to their original position allowing the chambers to be filled again.
  • For less fluid fillings the unit can be supplied with a turn shaft, which creates a vacuum in the chamber assisting the refilling of the chamber between strokes.
  • The Form & Frys piston filling machine is built as a roll in roll out unit on a height adjustable “C” frame allowing it to be used in various positions. 

Technical description of the Piston filler

The machine is produced predominantly in stainless steel and POM (polyoxymethylene). All parts in contact with the product are of approved materials:

  • Pump house - the pump house is made up of a stainless steel cylinder and POM housing.
  • Pistons - the pistons are of PTP with a Teflon additive.
  • Hopper - The hopper is of stainless steel.
  • Nozzles- Various type of nozzle can be supplied.
  • Electronic control -- The piston depositor can be synchronised with the help of an inductive explorer or run manually with the help of a speed regulator.
  • Max speed = 40 - 45 strokes/min.
  • Filling range = approx. 5g â- 55g depending on filling type.
Form&Frys Piston filler nozzle lift
Form&Frys Piston filler nozzle lift
Form&Frys Piston filler
Form&Frys Piston filler
Form&Frys Piston filler, special
Form&Frys Piston filler, special
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