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Cracker Line - Rotary Filler

Capacity: up to 45 strokes (size 60x80 mm)

Form & Frys Maskinteknik has developed the Crackers machine to serve the higher Capacity/flexibility, having machine capacities up to more then 16.000 products per hour. Form & Frys have built these machines since 1987. Before 92
FORM & FRYS A/S. manufactured machines for spandauer called Alfa, however with a completely different concept, the present design is being used for many other special products in the meantime.


The machine is produced predominantly in stainless steel, POM (polyoxymethylene trade name Delrin in other parts of the world) and evoprene. All parts in direct contact with the product are produced in FDA / USDA-approved materials.


  • Salt/seeds sprinkler
  • Automatic platemater 
  • Pump for hopper feeding.
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Cracker Line
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Form & Frys Crackers
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