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Rotary filler

The Hercules rotary filling machine

To optimize the function and possibilities of the Combi folding machine, FORM & FRYS has developed the Hercules filling machine.

Working description ​

The unique concept of the rotary filling machine: 

  • An outstanding high capacity.
  • By having a large rotating drum with pistons, that retract when in the hopper and ejects when directly over the product.
  • A very gentle treatment of the mass.
  • As there is no compression whatsoever, even large particles can be deposited, without suffering any harm.
  • Deposits can be shaped instead of the normal “spot” deposit

The drum with pistons rotates at a steady speed. The volume can be adjusted during production by means of cams at either end.

When the drum/pistons enter the hopper the pistons are positioned flush with the drum surface.

Pistons retract gradually as they pass through the substance in the hopper, which is placed on top of rotating drum. The distance of stroke length is according to the volume control, an infinitely variable setting mounted on operating end of machine.

After having left the hopper the pistons retracts more and stay in position until reaching the lower part of the cam section.

The cams now cause the pistons to eject and the filling substance, on piston top, is placed with circumference/ peripheral speed equivalent to the speed of the dough on the line.

To ensure a proper set down of the filling, the deposit is cut off the pistons by means of a wire cutter.

Although the above process is described as a series of separate steps, the actual operation is carried out in one continues flow by means of our logic groove and roller system.

Form&Frys Rotary semlor buller
Form&Frys Rotary semlor buller
Form&Frys Rotary filler with folding equipment
Form&Frys Rotary filler with folding equipment
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